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Trooper Teddy Program

Trooper Teddy Program Trooper Teddy Program


History of the Project

The Trooper Teddy Bear Project came to life in December of 1989 after Kentucky First Lady Martha Wilkinson hosted a gala fundraiser at Red Mile Racecourse earlier that summer. The black tie event raised the needed funds to purchase 2,000 Trooper Teddy Bears. The concept of the program was for Troopers to provide stuffed animals to children during traumatic experiences such as a car crash, child or sexual abuse cases and also distribute to terminally ill children. The first allotment of bears included a personal note on each stuffed animal from First Lady Wilkinson. KSP partnered with the Indiana State Police with this effort and they too passed out Trooper Bears. The program ran out of funding in early 2000 until recently when KSP was able to utilize asset forfeiture funds from criminal drug activity to purchase additional bears. The agency plans to sustain the program by offering the bears for sale to the public.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (December 9, 2016) - Trooper Teddy Program Restarted

'Trooper Teddy' is an agency program which has provided teddy bears to children in distress since 1989. Bears are given to children involved in situations such as exposure to dangerous drugs, being present when parents are arrested, involvement in a crash or in any kind of crisis. The program is designed to establish trust between the Trooper and child, while reducing stress to a child during a traumatic incident.

The program lost funding in recent years due to budgetary challenges, but the need has remained. Private donations and asset forfeiture funds were provided to purchase 'Trooper Teddy' bears that will be distributed to each KSP post, CVE region, and the Electronic Crimes Branch.

In an effort to sustain the future of the Trooper Teddy Program, bears purchased from private donations will be available for purchase by the public. Sales will fund the purchase of more bears so the program can financially sustain itself.

Please direct all purchase questions to the Public Affairs Branch at (502) 782-1780 or ksppubaff@ky.gov.

  • Public Affairs Branch
  • 919 Versailles Road
  • Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Donation Helps KSP Tpr. Teddy Program

Donation Helps KSP Tpr. Teddy Program Donation Helps KSP Tpr. Teddy Program

Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander-in-Chief Brian Duffy (left) and Richard Quire, VFW Dept. of Kentucky Surgeon (right) presented Kentucky State Police Deputy Commissioner Alex Payne (center) with an $8,000 check on June 9 in support of the Trooper Teddy Project, which provides stuffed animals to help calm children’s fears during traumatic experiences such as car crashes, child or sexual abuse cases or serious illnesses. It also helps develop trust between children and law enforcement officers...Click here to read more.