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Cannabis Suppression Branch

The Cannabis Suppression Branch is responsible for providing specialized support to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the area of domestic cannabis eradication and suppression activities. In addition to the full-time duties and responsibilities involving the detection of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation, the Cannabis Suppression Branch will coordinate and supervise the activities of the seasonal marijuana eradication teams.

The Cannabis Suppression Branch is under the command of Lt. Brian D. Sumner.


 On the 8th of April 2010 the Kentucky Eradication Initiative received a national "Outstanding Task Force" award from the national High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area organization, recognizing them as the number 1 of over 600 other nationwide task forces in marijuana eradication. The Kentucky Eradication Initiative is comprised of personnel from the Kentucky Army National Guard, Kentucky State Police, USDA Forest Service, DEA, USMS, the USAO for the Eastern District and numerous local law enforcement agencies. In addition to eradicating 330,699 plants, there were 483 cultivators arrested state wide and $966,078.00 in forfeitable assets seized in 2009.