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KSP Retirees Range

Firing range dates for 2012 are now available for those KSP retirees that wish to obtain a CCDW/LEOSA license. The process adopted in 2008 has not changed. As in the past, KSP will continue to provide CCDW/LEOSA at no cost to the KSP retiree. The course of fire still requires each retiree to shoot 20 rounds from a distance of 21 feet, hitting the target not less than 11 times in order to qualify.

Listed below are all the Post locations with tentative range dates and the name of a contact person at each Post. KSP retirees are encouraged to contact the Post designee to confirm the range date, time and location. The KSP Website has additional information including access to KSP forms 123 & 124 . The website is http://www.kentuckystatepolice.org/conceal.htm

If the dates listed are not convenient or your LEOSA license will expire earlier than the range date scheduled for your local Post, you have the option to contact a Department of Criminal Justice Training certified police firearms instructor or a Department of Criminal Justice certified concealed carry instructor to qualify you.

Below is a detailed step by step process to obtain your CCDW/LEOSA license:

8 Steps to a LEOSA License

Step 1:Visit kentuckystatepolice.org or call your local post to find an available range date. Print a copy of the KSP 123, 124A & 124B from the website or obtain a copy from your local post.

Note: Among other regulations, applicants must have 15 years or more of aggregate service with the KSP and "honorably retired" to be eligible. Verification will occur at Step 6.

Step 2: Successfully complete the firing range and have the range officer sign the KSP 123.

Step 3: Complete the KSP 124A and 124B, both require a Notary Public's signature.

Step 4: Take the completed KSP 123, 124A and 124B along with a photograph to the Sheriff's Office in the county where you reside. The Commanding Officer/Designee Affidavit portion of the KSP 124A, 124B should be left blank. Complete a Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons (CCDW) application available at the Sheriff's Office.

Step 5: Sheriff's Office mails the KSP 123, 124A and 124B and CCDW application to KSP Criminal Identification and Records Branch (CIR).

Step 6: KSP CIR Branch forwards the KSP 124A, 124B to KSP Headquarters where the retiree's employment and good standing is verified and returned to KSP CIR Branch.

Step 7: KSP CIR Branch sends the CCDW and LEOSA license back to the Sheriff's Office and a letter to the applicant stating the license is ready for pickup at the Sheriff's Office.

Step 8: Pick up your CCDW and LEOSA license at the Sheriff's Office.

KSP Form Legend

KSP 123: Peace Officer Range Qualification Certification - LEOSA

KSP 124A: Certification of Law Enforcement Retirement - LEOSA

KSP 124B: Certification of Law Enforcement Retirement - LEOSA

Post Date Contact Info.
Post 1, Mayfield October 17, 2016 0900hrs @ Location: WKCC in Eddyville (Same place as last year) Sgt. Michael Williams
(270) 856-3721
Post 2, Madisonville The week of May 23rd, 2016
0830 to 1600 hrs.
Sgt. Tim Sales
(270) 676-3313
Post 3, Bowling Green April 14th, April 15th, April 23rd, April 24th 2014 @ 0900 and 1300 hours (270) 782-2010
Post 4, Elizabethtown Monday, April 23rd, at 1000 am EST
Friday, May 25th at 1000 am EST.
Sergeant Kevin Burton
(270) 766-5078
Post 5, Campbellsburg April 25th – April 27th
(Day range: Times 0900 – 1200 and 1300-1600)

June 4th
(Day range: Times 1100- for retirees)

June 4th – June 6th
(Day range: Times 0800-1600)

August 15th – August 17th
(Day range: Times 0900 – 1200 and 1300-1600)

October 1st – October 3rd
(Night range: Time 1600 – 2200)

October 10th – October 12th
(Night range: Time 1700 – 2100)
Sgt. M.D. Corbin
Post 6, Dry Ridge TBA - Call Post for information (859) 428-1212
Post 7, Richmond May 3rd @ 8:30 am
The range will be held at the Richmond Police Department Range located at the end of Box Ankle Rd
Trooper Bryan Judd bryan.judd@ky.gov
(859) 623-2404
Post 8, Morehead TBA - Call Post for information (606) 784-4127
Post 9, Pikeville March 28 - 0800 - 1600 (606) 433-7711
Post 10, Harlan September 26 @ 1400 hrs. 606) 573-3131
Post 11, London April 14th
@ Sportmans club on Devil's Neck Road in Corbin
Trooper Joel Woods @ (606) 627-8328.
Post 12, Frankfort May 1, 2018-September 4, 2018 (Tuesday - Tuesday) Between 1000 and 1600
Each of these dates are at the Frankfort City Police Department Range off Bald Knob Road, behind the city garage.
(502) 227-2221
Post 13, Hazard September 13 (606) 435-6069
Post 14, Ashland May 16-18
August 15-17
September 27-29
(606) 928-6421
Post 15, Columbia March 16th & September 21st
@ 1100 hrs. (CT)
The shooting range at County Barn Road in Greensburg, KY.
Directions off US 68 are turn onto Shady Lane and turn left onto County Barn Road the range will be at the end of that road.
(270) 384-4796
Post 16, Henderson To be Announced Trooper First Class Timothy Payne or Sgt. Jackie Carver @ (270) 826-3312
DESI East July 29 and July 30, 2014 at Boonesboro Firing Range in Madison County. Retirees should arrive at approximately 1130. Sgt. Eric Gibson
DESI West Hardin Co. Pearl Hollow Range – April 15th 10 am Eastern - Day Cmbt / Day Rifle.
Green Co. Greensburg Range – May 11-12th 9 am Central – Day Cmbt / Day Rifle.
Lyon Co. Western KY Correctional Complex Fredonia – May 24th 9 am Central – Day Cmbt / Day Rifle
(270) 746-7834
SRT TBA (859) 293-4500
K9 East TBA (859) 293-4500
K9 West TBA (859) 293-4500
Drivers Testing TBA (502) 226-7405
Executive Security TBA (502) 564-8004
Headquarters TBA (502) 782-1800

For more information on Concealed Deadly Weapons please call: 502-782-9781