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Cold Case on the Murder of Arlie Combs

Kentucky State Police Request Help Resolving Arlie Combs Murder

This occurred ago.

On August 12, 1975 in the Allock community of Perry County, Arlie Combs was found lying on his front porch with a gun shot wound to his right arm & side. Mr. Combs was pronounced dead by the Perry County Corner at the scene. According to a neighbor he and Arlie Combs were talking in the front yard when a shot was heard and Combs stated that he had been shot. As the neighbor was running for cover, additional shots were heard.

According to the evidence at the scene, after being shot, Arlie Combs entered his residence retrieved a weapon and returned to the front porch, firing rounds into the direction where he evidently thought the shooter was located. At the scene .22 caliber projectiles were recovered. A .22 caliber shell casing was recovered from the trees and underbrush approximately 200 feet from the residence. Approximately a month later a .22 caliber rifle was recovered near the crime scene.

To date the perpetrator(s) have not been identified, and brought to trial.

If anyone has any information about this case please contact Lieutenant Claude E. Little at the Hazard Post (606) 435-6069 or you can email him at claude.little@ky.gov

Investigating Officer Contact Information


OFFICER: Lieutenant Claude E. Little

PHONE: (606) 435-6069

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