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Cold Case on the of Identifying an Unknown White Female

Kentucky State Police Request Help Resolving The Identifying an Unknown White Female in Warren County

Body Found July 4, 1984

The of Identifying an Unknown White Female body was found ago.

A image of an Unknown White Female that was found in Warren County, Click here to enlargeThe Kentucky State Police in Bowling Green are asking for help in identifying an unknown white female whose body was found on July 4, 1984, approximately 30-40 feet from the right-of-way fence along Interstate 65 in Warren County. The estimated date of death is estimated as between November 1982 and July 1983.

The victim was a white, female, between the age of 14 to 20 years old, 4'8" to 5' tall, 90 to 115 lbs., brown hair. The victim had dental work completed within 4 to 5 yrs prior to death. She was wearing multicolored long sleeve pullover shirt and red corduroy pants. The victim has a healed lesion on the rear of the skull and a scar on the right elbow.

A soft tissue reconstruction has been created. The reconstruction is not a portrait of the victim, only an approximation created by sculpting clay on the victim's skull. The sculpture is based on scientific guidelines and can only suggest the shape and proportions of the victim's face.

Investigators from Post 3 Bowling Green are asking anyone with information regarding the murder of Identifying an Unknown White Female to contact Det. Sgt. Tim Adams.

Investigating Officers Contact Information

3119 Nashville Road
Bowling Green, Ky. 42101

OFFICER: Det. Sgt. Tim Adams

PHONE: 270-782-2010 or 1-800-222-5555 (in the state of Kentucky only, does not work out of state)
E-MAIL: Timothy.Adams@ky.gov

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