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Drive to Stay Alive Program

Winner to Drive to Stay Alive

The Kentucky State Police is asking for your help in identifying high school students from your area to attend the Drive to Stay Alive program, a unique learning experience designed to decrease teenage driving deaths in Kentucky. This five-day workshop helps teenage drivers recognize and respond to the most common factors leading to fatal crashes.

During a week of training, 32 high school students from across Kentucky will stay at the Kentucky State Police Academy in Frankfort. Students will participate in two days of classroom presentations and discussions as well as three days of hands-on driving instruction at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta.

KSP Instructor with a student

The Kentucky State Police Academy' certified driving instructors will guide the students through a variety of obstacles, while coaching them on the correct way to respond with a vehicle. The curriculum will feature topics such as:

  • Vehicle dynamics and skid control
  • Safety belts and air bags
  • Evasive maneuver
  • Controlling braking
  • Multiple turns
  • Lane interchange
  • Impaired driving

By the end of the week, the students will leave with new driving skills that may save their lives and the lives of others.

Added Value

Drive to Stay Alive Class with Race Car Drivers

The benefits of the Drive to Stay Alive program do not stop when the students complete the course. The real value starts when they return to their schools. Each student will team up with an experienced Kentucky State Trooper in their area. Together, they'll work to bring the safe driving message home to both the school and the local community through numerous educational programs and events.

The effectiveness of these activities will be measured by the Governor' Highway Safety Program with special rewards available to both schools and students for showing the best results.

KSP Instructor with a studentDon't let your schools and students miss out on this special learning experience. There are no costs to the school or the student. The Kentucky State Police provides all the transportation, room/board and supervision. It' an opportunity you can't afford to ignore!

DTSA Forms
Click here to download the DTSA Student Applicaiton Click here to download the DTSA Brochure

Don't delay. Let us hear from you. Enrollment is limited to the first 32 students nominated.

Contact Information

Public Affairs Branch
919 Versailles Road
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502) 782-1779
Fax: (502) 573-1616

Student Eligibility Requirements

KSP teaching A student of participating must be:
Kentucky high school 16 years of age or older
Must already be a licensed driver to apply
Signed liability release
Highly motivated
Communication skills
Leadership traits
Time Commitment
KSP teaching
KSP teaching KSP teaching

Students be able to complete entire week of training without interruption, (i.e. sports, school events, other activities, etc.)

The Hands On Student Simulation

Bruno Police 46 CarThe Hands On Student Simulation is a way students can gain real-life exposure to the perils of impaired driving without being put at risk. The driver wears vision impairment goggles that simulate the experience of being impaired. A trained mentor is present and assists with the "impaired" student driver. The student drive experiences what it is like to operate the vehicle while "impaired".




Fatal Experience Driving SimulationPolice Departments and School Resource Officers across the commonwealth can use this electric vehicle to teach the dangers of impaired driving to students and residents. It can be driven through a course with the driver simulating impairment by wearing fatal vision goggles. For more information on the "Fatal Experience Driving Simulation" or how to reserve it, contact the Kentucky Crime Prevention Council at: (859) 727-2678, 1-888-798-5272, or at kcpc@fuse.net